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Tobias Deml holding a breath freshener pack and wearing Russian desert goggles

Curriculum Vitae of Tobias Deml

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About the person:

* Surname: Deml
* Name: Tobias
* Date of Birth: March 26. 1989
* Place of Birth: Wien/Vienna, Austria
* Current Adress: Los Angeles, California, USA
* Nationality: Austria
* Phone: +1 (310) 350-5384
* E-Mail: Write me
* Website: www.tobiasdeml.com


* 1995 to 1999: Elementary school Ober St. Veit
* 1999 to 2001: GRG 13 (Grammar school/Academic high school)
* 2001 to 2007: GRG 13, natural science branch (Grammar school/
Academic high school)
* 2009 to 2011: Santa Monica College


* German (native)
* English(expert)
Tobias Deml doing a backflip

Important experiences and events

* February 2006: Big release of OBAN 1.0
* March 2007: PIXEL 1.0 digital Content symposium, Vienna
o Held speech about postproduction and composition
* September 2007: PIXEL 2.0 digital Content symposium, Vienna
* November 2007: VIEW Conference, Italy
* 2008-2009: Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service in Los Angeles, USA and Montreal, Canada * December 2008: Epiphany/Decision to become a filmmaker * August 2011: Founding of Prodigium Pictures, L.L.C.

Additional interests and projects:

* Psychology
o 35-page Thesis paper about "Manipulation in Group and Mass"
o Research about "The Third Wave" (a social experiment conducted in 1967 in Palo Alto, Calif.) across the Atlantic
* Philosophy
* Parkour and Acrobatics
* Unicycling & offbeat sports

Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service:

From 2008-2009 I served the 'Gedenkdienst' service for one year at the Simon Wiesenthal Center / Musuem of Tolerance in Los Angeles and the Kleinmann Family Foundation in Montreal. For this, I
worked at the organization Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service, which
made this life-changing experience possible.